Tree Tops Restaurant Sky Dining & Bar, Chaweng, Koh Samui

TreeTops restaurant Koh SamuiTreeTops restaurant Koh Samui

Treetops restaurant Koh Samui is unique and unusual in it’s own way. Treetops restaurant is in the Antara Resorts in Lawana Koh Samui. It is near the Chaweng beach and people prefer this restaurant for it’s ultra-romantic nature. The treetops restaurant overlooks the Chaweng beach along the Koh Samui cost.

What’s unique in TreeTops Koh Samui

The restaurant offers private tables and there are 8 private tables in total. When you step in, you would be greeted and welcomed at the door with a glass of champagne. From the reception, you will walk up to your table through the romantic trees and then up the classic wooden stairs. A selection of breads, salts and sauces will be kept on the table. If you are lucky you might get a staff to patiently introduce to you the tastes and origin of the breads, salts and sauces which are on the table. You can pick up the detailed menu from the table and order your favorite food. You can also ask the staff for explaining the menu items too. The food is going to be so yummy that you can choose from a wide variety of seafood like salmon, butterfish, and other varieties like short ribs, lamb, chicken, and at the end the dessert platter. The treetops restaurant Koh Samui may also offer little surprises between the courses or at the end of the dinner.

Treetops Restaurant Chaweng

Treetops Restaurant Chaweng

Treetops chaweng booking | Phone or Online

You can book a table in TreeTops by calling up the restaurant at Treetops Koh Samui contact number +6677960333 or visit the resort website The bookings are allowed in 2 slots i.e., 6–8:45PM and 9PM–12AM. The best-preferred slot for treetops chaweng booking is the 6-8.45PM slot because you will be able to witness the Antara resort and the Treetops restaurant in both daylight and candlelight at night time.

Treetops Koh Samui menu and prices

Among the starters, the Treetops recommended items are “Foie Gras au Torchon” and “French Quail”. Other items like Steak Tartare, Crunchy Prawns, and Hokkaido Scallops can also be opted for. For Main Course, the start items in treetops Koh Samui menu are the dishes of Snow fish and Mediterranean Lamb. Above all these, you may also go for Candlelight Degustation or the premium Candlelight Degustation which are even more romantic offerings. It’s a 5-course degustation with wine pairing. The treetops Koh Samui prices come to 3,500 THB minimum for a good sumptuous dinner. For the treetops candlelight degustation, it’s 4000THB and for treetops Koh Samui premium candlelight degustation prices go upto  6000THB

If you are a vegetarian, you can ask for the treetops vegetarian menu. The number of items in the vegetarian menu is going to be limited but what they serve is going to be superb in terms of taste.

treetops koh samui price menu

treetops koh samui price menu

treetops koh samui price menu

TreeTops Chaweng Koh Samui reviews

Reviews say it’s an expensive bit [minimum 3500+ THB] in the first place but it’s worth it. The food amazing a definitely worth a visit while in Koh Samui. Every course of the meal is so well presented and tasted like the best in class. You feel the richness of the ambiance, the style, the food and of course, also in the bill. Other reviews say that the high prices are just worth it when compared to the level of quality and services delivered.

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